5 Key Factors to Attract Luxury Buyers

As a seller, you want to know how to get the most for your house. We believe that a tailored and targeted approach to finding your ideal buyer can make all the difference. So what do these buyers want to see?  

Building A Luxury Buyer Profile 

Learning how to get the most for your house is based on how well you know potential buyers in your market. Knowing more about them will influence pricing strategies, the timing of your sale, and how to go about marketing your property.

What it’s not about is casting a wide net and hoping to find anyone with the right net worth. Instead, you should tailor your efforts to find the right kind of luxury buyer – whose profile suits your home better than anyone else.

Once you have that established, these 5 key factors can help simplify the process of selling your home to the right buyer… 

5. The Value of Space  

When it comes to luxury homes, it’s all about space. Specifically, it’s about functional space. Instead of huge empty rooms, towering vestibules, and hallway after hallway, attracting luxury buyers involves how well you put this much space to use.   

Do you have a multi-car garage? Large walk-in closets? Multiple bedrooms (that could be used as office space)? All these factors can place a premium on the space available in your home, and can make your home more attractive to the right kind of buyer.  

 4. Entertaining Excellence 

Those who are interested in luxury homes often want to be able to show them off, and to flex their hosting muscles with modern, attractive, and exciting amenities. This means that getting the most from your home will entail highlighting these spaces, like high-class recreation rooms or large backyard space, in your marketing materials.  

Rather than keep it a secret, your potential buyer wants to know that they can show off their new home. These elements are key to attracting them.  

 3. Security & Convenience 

It’s important to stay safe, especially when you have a high-value home. One of the latest trends in luxury real estate is the integration of “smart home” technology. This includes technologies that control lights, thermostats, locks, and other systems.  

When your home offers even some of these exciting features, buyers will not only be more attracted to it – it can often solve how to get more for your house.  

2. What A View! 

Of course, location always plays a factor – which is why it is important to highlight a superb location if you have the opportunity. A luxury home is far more than four walls, so if you can, mention that it’s close to a much-loved park, overlooks the city, or is simply tucked away from it all in a private community.  

The cache of a good neighbourhood is hard to ignore – do you know about some of the best in Toronto? Let us fill you in.

1. Keeping Things Exclusive

When you’re selling your luxury home, open houses become less important compared to selling an average home. Why is that? Most of the time they attract too many people, often those who are not seriously interested in buying, and open your home up to potential damage and theft.  

Luxury buyers typically prize exclusive access to any home. They want to see it for themselves, privately, which allows them to take their time, see every impressive feature, and experience the home as if it was their own. You are likely to get serious, focused buyers coming with their agent to find their next home. 

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