What To Watch For: Luxury Real Estate Trends In 2018 

In the luxury real estate market, you always want to stay ahead of the curve – whether you’re a buyer or a seller. To give you a leg up, we’ve collected some of the most promising luxury real estate trends for the upcoming year.  

If you’re a buyer, be on the lookout for these next-level features.  

If you’re a seller, consider making some of these upgrades to ‘wow’ buyers and ensure your home stands out from the competition. 

 Here are the luxury real estate trends we’re predicting for 2018: 

In The Kitchen… 

In the kitchens of the future, technology is put to work for you. You’ll find more homes bringing in motion sensing features, including touchless kitchen faucets such as this style by Moen. Then, there’s the rise of the smart fridge. Samsung and LG, for example, have both come out with their own versions, which can do everything from play music and order groceries to show you what’s inside your fridge, right from your phone. 

In The Bathrooms… 

Bathrooms with a view are high on the list of luxury real estate trends for 2018. Following the escapism trend, bathrooms will have floor-to-ceiling windows and natural elements like hand-carved stone sinks that create a spa-like experience. Adding to the luxury is the digital shower, such as this model by Kohler, which can control temperature, audio, steam, lighting, timing, and more. 

In The Bedrooms…

For bedrooms, it’s all about adding ease and relaxation to the beginnings and endings of your days. Going above and beyond the motorized window shades, more homes will be incorporating smart lighting systems like Brilliant that will make it easy to control lighting, ceiling fans, relaxing music, climate and more via voice control, all without leaving bed.  

Throughout The Home… 

Overall, we predict that you will see eco-inspired décor and tech-savvy features coming together in 2018. “Green” design will be taken to the next level with indoor vertical gardens and natural woods used throughout the home, while convenient additions like smart thermostats will help homeowners keep their energy costs down with just the tap of a finger. 

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